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I’ve just won the firm’s annual nationwide stock picking contest and used Trendrating to do it!

Wealth manager, US

I use it every day, I enter client portfolios and get daily updates on them. I always looked at how a stock is ranked before buying it!

Asset manager, Switzerland

I have found the service very valuable for using the downgrades to identify sell candidates!

Fund manager, UK

Institutional investors who integrate trend capture analytics into their decision process can benefit from more accurate trend assessments.

Fund Manager, US

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Trendrating solutions used?

Trendrating analytics contribute to improve a number of critical key tasks of the portfolio management workflow:

- Validating investment ideas and analysts’ opinions.
- Identifying new investment opportunities across markets and sectors.
- Portfolio management, analysis and optimization.
- Enabling pro-active advisory of wealth managers.
- Tactical allocation across markets and sectors.
- Risk control on individual holdings.
- Design, test, optimization and execution of smarter indices and strategies.
- Get alerts on positive and negative trend reversals.

Does this can conflict with my fundamental driven investment style?

Not at all. Most of our customers use Trendrating analytics as a smart complement to their current decision process. For example in any universe of stocks that satisfy specific fundamental metrics there will be good performers and mediocre performers. Trendrating can help to separate the winners from the losers with a yearly time horizon. Our customers then use Trendrating analytics to refine either the stocks selection from the desired universe or to adjust the exposure overweighting positively rated securities, while underweighting negatively rated stocks. By using this simple approach they can easily increase returns and lower risks. The impact is fully trackable. Trendrating makes possible to get the best out of most fundamental strategies via a better synchronization to real price trends.

What are the key benefits?

- Better performance for managed and advised accounts.
- More robust risk management.
- Greater efficiency and transparency of the investment process.
- Improved compliance.
- Global applicability.
- Time and cost saving.

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About Trendrating

Trendrating is a global leader in the field of advanced analytics and ‘trend capture’ technology. Serving hundreds of institutional customers globally, our proprietary methodologies are used as part of their investment decision-making process in the wealth management, private banking, advisory and hedge funds fields to maximize returns and better control risks. Our key strategic partners include Bloomberg and Euronext.